Trial date set and bail conditions removed

The three defendants in this case appeared in court this morning for a committal hearing to set a court date and hear arguments to remove bail conditions.
Solicitors representing the defendants argued that the conditions set were disproportionate to the charge and more usually used where there is considered to be a flight risk.
The prosecution did not offer any arguments for bail conditions to remain in place, an implicit acceptance that the conditions were indeed disproportionate.
The judge decided that the defendants should be given unconditional bail, meaning that Edd no longer needs to report to a police station each day, and Daniel and Simon are allowed to enter the city centre. The residence condition has also been removed.

Also in attendance at the court were 6 police officers, there because of the solidarity demonstration at Edd’s second bail hearing, just in case something similar happened, despite the fact that no event had been arranged or advertised and Steelhouse Lane police station us just a couple of minutes walk away.  The officers were present for over an hour, which has probably cost hundreds of pounds and is another example if the over reaction to this case.

The trial date was set for 19th December.
we hope (and expect) the CPS to come to their senses and accept that there is no case to be brought. Even if they are not willing to go that far, they should drop the case as not being in the public interest to spend thousands more pounds if taxpayers money prosecuting peaceful protesters

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