Call for Edd to be re-instated signed by over 40 Sabbatical Officers

Below is a letter signed by over 40 sabbatical officers from across the country protesting against activist Edd Bauer’s arrest and suspension from his role as VP for Education at Birmingham Guild of Students.

Edd Bauer has been unilaterally suspended from his post by staff members at his students’ union.

For more information, see this statement made by Edd yesterday

Edd Bauer, vice-president for education at The University of Birmingham Guild of Students, was arrested on 16th September after unfurling a banner that protested against university fees and education cuts, at the start of the Liberal Democrat party conference.

Edd Bauer was held in Aston Police station over the weekend and from Monday the 19th of September until Monday the 26th of September in Winson Green Prison. The arrest and detention for a minor act of civil disobedience was widely criticized as repressive crimalisation of peaceful protest, especially as Edd Bauer pleaded “not guilty”.

Bauer received solidarity from many quarters including local Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming who spoke in support of his bail application in court. John Hemming said: “Whilst I do not believe he should have put the banner there in the first place, the protest was peaceful and placid and I think it is dis-proportionate to keep him in prison any longer.”

The Birmingham University and College Union passed a motion in support of Edward Bauer. The National Union of Students intervened to help push for his release from jail. A letter signed by a number of high profile figures was published in the Guardian on Sunday 25th September, opposing the criminalisation of his peaceful protest.

Despite the wide ranging public support, the ongoing trial and his pledge of not guilty, the University of Birmingham Guild of Students – without any consultation with the Guild’s democratic bodies- has suspended Edward Bauer from his role as Vice President Education “indefinitely” and with “immediate effect”.

We call on the Guild of Students’ mangers to respect democracy in the students’ union and allow Edd Bauer to continue in work until the matter has been investigated and discussed at either a union general meeting or a student union council with all the information at hand. We do not consider any disciplinary valid unless it is done democratically by students at either a UGM or Student Union Council.


Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary

John McDonnell MP

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary PCS

Kevin Courtney, NUT Deputy General Secretary

Billy Hayes, General Secretary CWU

Diane Holland, Labour Party National Executive Committee

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary

Ruby Hirsch, NUS NEC

Vicki Baars, NUS LGBT Officer

Kanja I Sesay, NUS Black Students Officer

Matt Bond, NUS Disabled Students NEC

Michael Chessum, NUS NEC and NCAFC

Kingsley Abrams, Unite executive and Labour councillor in Lambeth

J Darlington, Unite British Aerospace

Simon Weller, ASLEF (Train Drivers’) National Organiser

Ian Hodson, BFAWU (Bakers’) President

Tony Woodhouse, Chair of Unite Executive

Manoj Kerai, Welfare and Diversity Officer Goldsmiths Students’ Union

Dan Risdale, Vice President Education and Welfare York St John Students’ Union

Stanley Ellerby-English Activities and Development Officer, LSE Students’ Union

Ben Jackson, Education Officer, Leeds University Union

Alex Peters-Day, General Secretary, LSE Students’ Union

James Haywood, President, Goldsmiths Students’ Union

Bob Sutton, Liverpool Guild of Students

Maev McDaid, Liverpool Guild of Students

Ruth Brewer, Liverpool Guild of Students

Zahid Raja, NUS Wales NEC

Andrew Tindall, Aberystwyth Students Against Cuts

Clare Solomon, Counterfire

Mike Williamson, Edinburgh University Students’ Association

Sean Rillo Razcka, Vice President, University of London Union

Kelley Temple, NUS Scotland Women’s Officer

Mark Bergfeld, National Union of Students NEC

Arianna Tassinari, Co-President Welfare and Education, SOAS SU

Jade Baker, NUS Women’s Committee

Emma Kerry, NUS LGBT Committee

Alusine Alpha, Union Secretary Treasurer, University of Bradford Student Union

Izzy John, Welfare Officer, Warwick SU

Leo Boe, President, Warwick SU

Chris Luck, Democracy Officer, Warwick SU

Matthew Rogers, Societies Officer, Warwick SU

Sean Ruston, Education Officer, Warwick SU

Hannah Dee, Defend the Right to Protest

Joshi Sachdeo, Vice-Chair Birkbeck SU Executive Committee

Kai Weston, NUS LGBT Committee

James McAsh. NCAFC, Edinburgh

Daniel Lemberger Cooper, President Royal Holloway Students’ Union

Fionnuala McGoldrick, NUS LGBT Committee

Sarah Kerton, Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Officer, UMSU

Sam O’Connor, University of Manchester Students’ Union

Mark Campbell, UCU National Executive Committee

Paul Brandon, Right to Work

Birmingham Green Party

Birmingham Against the Cuts

Janine Booth, RMT

Joe Kelly, NUS LGBT Committee

Liam McNulty, Cambridge Defend Education

Morgan Wild, Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) Education Officer

Ruth Graham, CUSU Women’s Officer

Taz Rasul, CUSU Access and Funding Officer

Hannah Paterson, Welfare Officer, UMSU

Oeiisha Williams, Education Officer, Birmingham City University Students’ Union

Lukas Slothuus – Community and Welfare Officer, LSE Students’ Union

Dante Micheaux, NUS NEC

Beth Evans, NUS LGBT Committee

York Stop the Cuts

Fiona Edwards, Student Broad Left

Ed Maltby, Workers Liberty Students

Alicia McCluskey, Unite

Elaine Jones, Wirral Trades Council Vice-Chair

Rhiannon Lowton, Liverpool Hope University SU Mature Students Officer

Lani Baird, President Aberdeen College

Josefine Bjorkqvist, Education and Employability Officer, Aberdeen Students’ Union

Jon Narcross, Education Officer, Sheffield Students’ Union

Harry Horton, Finance Officer, Sheffield Students’ Union

Nabil Alizai, Activities Officer, Sheffield Students’ Union

Sarah Charlesworth, Women’s Officer, Sheffield Students’ Union
Sign the petition calling for a democratic vote here

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