NUS NEC Call for Ed’s immediate release

Every member of the National Union Of Students Executive Committee has signed a letter calling for Ed’s immediate release. The signatories are:

Liam Burns NUS President, Dannie Grufferty NUS VP Soc & Cit, Ed Marsh, Mark Bergfeld, Daniel Stevens, Alan Baily, Bicki Baars, Michael Chessum, George Charouis, Pete Mercer, Graeme Kirkpatrick, Kelly Tempe, Robin Parker, Aaron Kiely, Matt Bond, Joshi Sachdeo, Kanja Sesay, Ruby Hirsch, Shane Mann, Toni Pearce, Joe Oliver, Matt East, Josh Rowlands, Usman Ali, Adrianne Peltz, Rachel Mattey, Lauren Crowly, Estelle Hart, Luke Young, Daniel Stevens, Fiona Wood, Mateuse Wysock.

We are pleased that so many prominent student leaders are supporting Ed, and recognising the injustice of his imprisonment.


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